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Photo of the day: Windy afternoon with Pigeons.

Dockside Chatham, where the fierce winds blow pigeons and slices of bread alike in every direction. 50mm lens ranging from 1.8 to 4 for better bokeh.



Photoblog: Rochester Christmas market 2014

Taken on the last Sunday of the festival using 20sec exposures at F18 to truly capture the glow and movement of the rides as they lit up the night.

20141214_2201 20141214_2209 20141214_2211 20141214_2221 20141214_2223 20141214_2228

Salute to the 40s 2014 Chatham Dockyard.

Once again another fantastic event at Chatham Dockyard. Salute to the 40s 2014.

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Photo of the day: Red Dragonfly at Oare Marshes

With more patience than I thought I had I managed to get close enough (and quiet enough) to catch this beauty.

Photo of the day: The 1950s billboard of Maidstone road Rochester

Recently a billboard has been removed from the side of a property in on Maidstone road Rochester. When it was taken down there appeared to be posters from the 1950s behind it but sadly they were torn straight off the wall by the workmen. What looks like layers upon layers of posters I managed to get one shot of what was left. Persil. I’ve googled Persil adverts and although I could not find the exact match there advertising campaigns followed a theme that changed with the times making it very easy to find the decade. Wish I’d had the chances to separate and photograph them.