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The Biscuit Barrel #10 Mr Rose a.k.a DJ Buddhafinga

Series of interviews where we ask creative people about music, how it has shaped their lives and how it inspires and moves them.


After months of days falling through from bad weather I finally got around to some High-speed photography under probably the best skies this year so far.

Mr Rose is a Flatlander and this is my first time actually seeing this style of BMX riding with my own eyes. The shear technical aspect of the gyroscopic nature of what flatland BMX can do truly makes it a unique genre and I cannot deny I was very impressed.


What was the first BMX you ever owned? was it a particular style?

First BMX I owned was a universal as a kid but the first proper one I owned was a mongoose California. That was the first one I was doing tricks on. It was an all rounder so you could do any kind of tricks on it. Back then a lot of the bikes were made for all types of riding. Now days the bikes are made for specific disciplines of riding. I mainly used it for a bit of street and dirt jumping.
What made you try out flatland and what is the  addictive appeal of it to you?
I had always been quite intrigued by flatland ever since I got into BMX as it was so different and creative. I finally got round to giving it a go after several accidents forced me to try a safer type of riding.. It was meant to be, I was addicted!
Favourite trick ever performed?
My favourite trick ever performed is not the worlds hardest trick but for me marks a massive progression in my riding as it took me so long to get it. I decided one night in ASDA multi-storey in Gravesend to keep trying and not go home until I pulled the trick smoothly and rode out of it.. 4 hours later I had achieved my goal and was so happy I treated myself to a kebab on the way home.. The trick is a backwards hitch-hiker.
If you could pick one day in history  to go back in time to where would you go and what would you do?
If I could pick one day in history it would be August 15th 1969 the first day of Woodstock.. To me that was the birth of a revolution and was quite possibly the greatest music event ever. My love for music is the biggest love of my life and this is why I have answered with this. I would not try and change history.


How big is music a part of your riding?


Music is a massive part of my riding if forms the part of escapism that is riding flatland. When you ride it’s just you, your bike and your music.. Nothing else matters. That’s how you stay focussed. I purposely load my iPod shuffle up with different genres and speeds of music as depending what is playing in my ear it will determine what style I am ridding in.. Be it chilled out, slow and relaxed or fast paced and aggressive.. I find it very hard to ride without music it’s like a missing link in the chain.

Pick 3 songs that would make the soundtrack to the moment if?


Only you and your bike were between Godzilla and a city from being destroyed?


You are raging from the 4th puncture in one day.



You just found out your van was a transformer (flying is optional)


Any final words and shout outs?

Yeah thanks to James white for buying my turntable off ebay and comming to my house to collect it which in turn got me back into riding.. Slightly surreal but happened for a reason I guess. Thanks to the guys at Edwardes in Camberwell namely Jason Forde for helping out with parts Thanks to my mate Chris Springhall who is now back into flatland. We rode together as kids, without him I would have rode alone a lot and we have helped push each others riding. Thanks to the guys at Fakebum for just being all out awesome dudes And thanks to you Obi wan for the awesome photos and interview and for being one cool dude!
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