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Panorama Graffiti Calella 2015

My first panorama from the Calella Viaduct.

“This is La Familia” Calella 2015




Photoblog: Catalunya, Calella sunrise Part 2

It was difficult to decide which days sunrise I photographed would be submitted. I narrowed it down to two, this one has more of a wider view than the last. Enjoy in all its HDR glory.



Photoblog: Catalunya, Calella


Hey bloggers I’m back from Spain with a lot of holiday snaps to share and inspire. I’ll try to release them all as quick as I can but please be patient I busier than ever these days lol.

This Church is one of the tallest buildings in Calella and is over 400 years old. I’ve photographed it every time I’ve been in town but have yet to be satisfied with a single shot. This year was to be different though as it appeared to be level and in view of my hotel room balcony. This gave me the opportunity to capture a 3 shot HDR image on a monopod of the sunrise right next to the church!. Trust me you have no idea how lucky I felt that morning when I awoke with a hangover to peel back the curtains and find such atreat. Enjoy and please comment as always. Peace


Photoblog: The lost Spain holiday pics of 2012

In the midst of many things after our holiday in Calella last year I forgot to process several days of photography I took back then.

So here’s a few street shots, foot-stomping flamenco dancers, dogs and jousters.

Photoblog: Calella, Graffiti paradise Part 3

Still finishing off any last photos I put on hold last year I submit to you all Part: 3 of my honeymoon in Calella Spain. This year i hope to return and capture an extensive collection of Gaudi’s work and the culture he inspired, especially in Barcelona. Spain truly is an electrifying sight. Old textile architecture covered with  never ending graffiti punches out at you on every street corner.

There will be a part 4 soon and shall mostly be of Barcelona, watch this space.