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Sweeps Festival Rochester 2015

More merriment than you can shake a stick at!!!

Once again Rochester’s annual Sweeps festival is back full of all the characters, noise and beer its famous for.

Merry men and women dancing, The Bruncles and a winged steampunkette caught my eyes this year. Enjoy







Photoblog: Rochester Christmas market 2014


Taken on the last Sunday of the festival using 20sec exposures at F18 to truly capture the glow and movement of the rides as they lit up the night.

20141214_2201 20141214_2209 20141214_2211 20141214_2221 20141214_2223 20141214_2228

The Sweeps Festival 2014

Rochester once again hosted its ever growing festival The Sweeps. With more stages for busking this year there was a broader variety for everyone to see and participate in. The Bruncles were playing and many a Morris man and woman were out in mass amongst a crowd in its thousands. The images within this post are part of a larger project to be revealed soon regarding the art of using a fixed 50mm lens and why it is still is one of the most essential lenses you could ever own and one of the cheapest. Enjoy.

20140504_2548 20140504_2518




Photoblog: The Warrior


A few months ago I got the chance just before leaving  our studio  at Nucleus Arts in Chatham to photograph an extraordinary character. The Warrior, a man who takes part in themed role-playing. When the opportunity came up for him to bring all his cosplay and weaponry to the studio all i could think about was creating the ultimate movie poster based on the genre. Middle-earth, Skyrim and Conan the barbarian, massive battle sequences and lush landscapes I’ve always wanted to find an excuse to create something like this.

We took about 40 main poses from swinging battleaxes to drawing swords and slaying foes. It’s gonna take me a while to get them all done but here is a taster from a first try this morning.

Many thanks to The Warrior for this opportunity. Peace.


Photoblog: The lost Spain holiday pics of 2012

In the midst of many things after our holiday in Calella last year I forgot to process several days of photography I took back then.

So here’s a few street shots, foot-stomping flamenco dancers, dogs and jousters.