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Photo of the day: Windy afternoon with Pigeons.

Dockside Chatham, where the fierce winds blow pigeons and slices of bread alike in every direction. 50mm lens ranging from 1.8 to 4 for better bokeh.



Photo-journal: Battle of the Ardennes Tour Part 1

Wiki/Remembrance Sunday

In memory to all who gave so much.

This year we took a trip to Belgium to visit the key sights of the Battle of the Bulge also known as the “Battle of the Ardennes”. It was a powerful trip to say the least, to visit the graves, memorials and towns that held some of the bloodiest battles in World War 2. To find the trenches softly reclaimed by nature in what felt like an enchanted forests in Foy left me wondering how it could have been a part or the dreaded Siegfried Line. To think soldiers were hiding down in these dug outs to avoid gun fire and bombardment from shelling brought us a very different perception on how they lived throughout the campaign. It was quite a chilling image against what was to me one of the most peaceful and calming places I had every seen in my life. Over the next few weeks I shall be posting many of the images I took during our 4 day tour through the Ardennes. Thank you and enjoy.

Forest of Foy


20141001_7658v 20141001_7699_1


Photo of the day: Red Dragonfly at Oare Marshes

With more patience than I thought I had I managed to get close enough (and quiet enough) to catch this beauty.



Photoblog: Gulls and a bag of bread


The original intention after going to Rats Bay shindig was to feed the ducks and swans at the Chatham Pier but they were being far too lazy that day versus the feverish enthusiasm of the seagulls. From their surfing on the winds to their sudden dives with the feistiest of  assaults they literally swarm with panic at every slice thrown into the Medway.


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